Surge Analysis in pipelines

Surge Analysis, or Transient Pressure Analysis for pipelines conveying water, oil and hydrocarbons

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For liquid and gas pipelines surge analysis is the study of pressure transients caused by a change in the piping. This change may be something as simple as a vlave closing or opening, or something more complicated such as a pump, or multiple pumps, starting up or shutting down, either in a planned or unplanned way.

Without such consideration or analysis work being undertaken unexpected pressure surges can occur in pipelines which can sometimes lead to catastrophic failure of the piping, or equipment to which it is attached.

Historically pipeline analysis was undertaken by hand calculation, but now, and for many years this task has been carried out using increasingly sophisticated software and faster and faster computers.

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Whilst there are very significant differences between software packages, their usability and capability, the principal difference between "Waveplan" software and MOC software is in the way that the surge calculation is propagated along the piping system, however studies have shown that for the same input conditions that the calculated result is no different. What is different is that the Waveplan methodology requires less computing power and so delivers its solution faster, which is of benefit on larger networks.

In using two different types of software for the same calculation Flo-Dyne are able to cross validate our own calculations, as well as take advantage of the software capabilities most appropriate to the case that we are studying.

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However, whatever software is being used, the most important element of any engineering study is the experience of the engineering staff undertaking the work. Within Flo-Dyne's engineering team we have over 30 years of experience undertaking your work for you, whether we are providing just a simple one line statement, or a full multi-page report.

So whether your problem is a fire sprinkler system with monitors and multiple pumps, a pumped water main transporting water across 120 Km of countryside, an oil tanker loading system with emergency release couplings acting in seconds, an irrigation system with multiple stations, a raw water transfer system from floating river platforms to a treatment works, we have the expertise to advise on the solution that you need.

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