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Correctly identifying and recording noise is continually being made simpler with the proliferation of highly advanced noise meters and recording equipment. Noise measurement software applications are even finding their way onto our mobile phones, with applications for frequency analysis, spectrum analysis and noise level being available for less than $10USD.

With the easy availability of equipment to measure and record noise there is often an avalanche of data which can make it difficult to sort out what is a problem and what is not a problem. Correct interpretation of recordings and measurements made on this proliferation of devices requires trained technical expertise to ensure that equipment is correctly calibrated so that meaningful information about levels is obtained, and experience to ensure that the interpretation is not miss-leading.

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Flo-Dyne uses noise equipment that is manufactured and maintained by Bruel & Kjaer, a world class supplier of noise and vibration measurement equipment. In this way we can guarantee the reliability and accuracy of what we measure.

Without the correct expertise it can be difficult to distinguish between measurements that can only be used as diagnostic tools and those that can be used to provide correct information on noise levels that can then be used in procurement specifications or within a noise study.

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Flo-Dyne's team of qualified engineers is headed by our Chief Engineering who, with over 25 years of experience in the field of noise control and membership of the United Kingdom's Institute of Acoustics since 2002, provides the certainty and control to our work.

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