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Separator silencers for atmospheric vent duties with liquid carry over

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The Flo-Dyne separator silencer is a variation of our standard atmospheric vent silencer, or blow down silencer which can be used in place of noisy exhaust heads.

The separator silencer is ideally suited to installations where wet steam is being vented, or where the carry over of entrained water, or other fluids is a problem.

This type of separator is not normally designed for duties involving solids or particles that can stick together (agglomerate) in the bottom of silencer and give drainage problems.

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The Flo-Dyne separator silencer comprises of two key elements, namely the knock out pot and the absorptive silencer section.

The knock out pot is a simple chamber into which the steam or gas enters through a tangential inlet. The sizing of the tangential inlet is critical to the effectiveness of the unit as it can neither be too big, resulting in low inlet velocity, or too small, resulting in an inlet velocity that is too high. Should you require assistance in selecting the correct nozzle size for your application the our engineers are on hand to help you.

The purpose of the knock out pot is to eliminate the liquid carryover, however, because the passage through the pot is not simple it will provide some reduction in the noise level, however the absorptive section is really provided to do this job.

The absorptive section is a simple straight through, low pressure drop, absorptive baffle silencer which may comprise of tubes, annular passages, of flat panels. The absorptive section will reduce the noise level at the outlet of the equipment to the level that you specify.

A variety of weather-hoods are available to keep out rain, snow and sand, as well as different inlet configurations to allow for displacement of the inlet nozzle. However, in all cases the inlet flow into the knock out pot must be tangential.

Equipment is available in a variety of materials, but most commonly in ordinary carbon steels, 3104(L) and 316(L) stainless steels.

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