Water (Liquid) in Bladder Type Surge Tank

Water (Liquid) in bladder surge tanks for surge pressure protection of pipelines

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The air charge is contained within the tank, whilst the liquid from the main flows into and out of the bladder. Like the air in bladder design, the liquid does not come into contact with the tank walls nor the air charge, so again, the air charge cannot be absorbed by the pumped liquid and so air losses due to absorption are minimal. The pumped liquid from the main flows into and out of the bladder and will not come into contact with the tank walls, again compatible materials must be selected.

As for the air in bladder design, the bladder is often made from a highly elastic rubber, such as butyl rubber, and may be sized to expand to fit the entire vessel. For this design the whole tank is pre-charged at installation with a pre-determined pressure to give the correct operating level in the tank when the unit is connected to the main and at the operating pressure.

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Again, there must be an anti extrusion plate fixed at the outlet from the vessel to prevent the bladder from being drawn into the main at low pressures and like the air in bladder design, the anti-extrusion plate and inlet size must be selected so that they do not impose a restriction on the flow into and out of the vessel.

Each bladder vessel comes with these standard features:

Safety relief valve

Pressure gauge

Air fill valve

Drain connection

Internal membrane (bladder)

Any of our standard bladder vessels may be fitted with the following optional features:

Leak detection system

Level gauge

Level transmitter

Pressure transmitter

Drain valve

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Flo-Dyne bladder vessels are pressure vessels and as standard may be manufactured in ordinary carbon steel, low temperature carbon steel or 304/316 stainless steel to the requirements of the pressure vessel code of your choice.

Typically this will be ASME VIII or PD5500, however we can also manufacture to IBR or your local requirement. We will CE mark the equipment if it is to be used within the European Union, if the equipment is to be used elsewhere we will apply a CE mark where requested if possible.

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