Flo-Dyne API 674 standard pump discharge pulsation dampener

Flo-Dyne's Liquid Filled pump discharge pulsation dampener to give compliance with API674

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API674 pump discharge pulsation dampeners are often a necessary accessory for multi-plunger high pressure reciprocating pumps, as such pumps can produce damaging levels of pulsation and vibration as each slug of liquid is discharged from the cylinder out through the discharge valve and into the pipework.

As the slug of liquid exits the pump cylinder it is will be pushed into a pipeline that is already full of liquid. If the liquid volume in the pipe cannot be fully compressed to make space for this new slug of liquid, or if the pipe containing the liquid will not stretch to give some additional volume, then the pressure in the liquid will rise and a pressure pulse will occur.

How high this pressure pulse goes will depend on how fast the slug of liquid is pushed out it into the pipeline, the compressibility of the liquid already in the pipeline and the stiffness of the pipe material.

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The magnitude of the pressure pulses that are generated at the pump, and the forces that they impose on the piping system can be assessed using the guidance given in API674. This specification, produced by the American Petroleum Institute provides conservative guidance that enables the use of simulation analysis to design out these pulsation forces either through modification of the piping system, or by the installation of a pulsation dampener in the discharge pipework, usually positioned immediately downstream of the pump.

This discharge dampener may take one of several forms, however, whichever form is fitted they all have the same thing in common in that they introduce a calculated amount of elasticity into the piping system that will expand and/or contract as each new slug of liquid leaves the pump and enters the piping system, thereby allowing the system to accept each new slug of liquid with minimal pressure rise.

Our liquid filled discharge dampeners offer full compliance with API674 by utilising the compressibility of the liquid volume, and the pressure drop across the equipment.

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We can demonstrate compliance with API674 through our full API674 analysis service that simulates the sizing and effectiveness of the solution according to the most rigorous design approach.

Design and manufacture of the equipment will be fully in accordance with your specifications, such that the dampeners become part of the pipeline, and are simply forgotten.

They are a true fit and forget item.

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With hundreds of units supplied, and over 30 years of experience in supply, our equipment has a proven track record of reliability and performance.

Carbon steel construction is standard, but other materials such as 304/316 stainless steel, duplex or super duplex steels are available for pressures ranging from as little as 50 BarG and upwards to match the rating of your piping.

If you can design the piping can take the pressure, then we can build a dampener that will fit right in. Whether this just requires some straight forward pressure vessel calculations, or fully detailed Finite Element Analysis (FEA), to prove the design, our in-house engineers have the tools needed to prove the design.

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Units can be built to all British, European, American and Indian pressure vessel codes, with CE marking will be applied to equipment that is destined for the European Union.

A few of the fluids that we have built equipment to handle are;

Water, Ammonia, Carbamate, Hot oils, Bitumens, CO2, MEG, TEG, plus various hydrocarbons

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