API674 Suction Dampeners

Liquid filled suction dampeners to give API674 compliance in sucton pipework for reciprocating pumps

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API674 Discharge Pulsation dampeners are often a necessary accessory for multi-plunger high pressure reciprocating pumps, as such pumps can produce damaging levels of pulsation and vibration as each slug of liquid is drawn into the pump cylinders through the action of the plunger.

Each time a plunger inside the pump descends it will create a low pressure region which will allow the inlet valve to open as the pressure in the suction line overcomes the low pressure created by the motion of the plunger.

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When the plunger reaches the bottom of its stroke and starts to rise the pressure in the cylinder will rise and overcome the pressure in the suction line,causing flow into the cylinder to stop, and the inlet valve to close. It is this opening and closing of the inlet valve, together with the starting and stopping of the flow that causes pressure pulsations in the pipeline supplying liquid to the pump.

If these pressure pulsations are left unchecked it is possible that they will result in a condition known as cavitation, either in the suction line, or in the suction header or cylinder of the pump itself.

Cavitation is a well known phenomenon in pump suction lines and must be avoided, as in the most severe cases it will lead to significant damage to pump components and mechanical failure.

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By careful analysis and simulation our engineers are able to examine your piping system and determine the correct volume for the dampener to ensure that this problem never occurs.

Flo-Dyne's liquid filled dampener is a true fit and forget solution, there are no moving parts, no replaceable parts,it is fitted into your piping either by bolting, or welding, and will outlast the pump.

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