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In-Line silencers for axial, centrifugal and turbo compressor suction duties

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High pressure compressor silencers and inline compressors silencers are often specified for axial, centrifugal and turbo compressors which create broad spectrum noise with peaks at the blade passing frequencies.

If this noise is left untreated it will propagate into the attached piping where it will be radiated into the surrounding area. In some cases this will be a hazard to nearby workers, whilst in other cases it will become an annoyance to local residents.

In addition many piping systems suffer from propagation of low frequency noise both within the gas stream and along the pipewall.

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Low frequency noise is often difficult to treat, in cases where this noise is travelling in the gas stream the silencer must be properly designed to attenuate such low frequencies, or the noise will simply pass straight through the silencer unaffected.

In addition, in many cases the acoustic performance of the silencer can be compromised by noise travelling along the pipe-wall. This is known as "flanking noise" and if left untreated will simply travel along the casing of the silencer unimpeded rendering the silencer ineffective.

The custom designed Flo-Dyne compressor inline silencer will treat these special noise problems to give a highly effective silencing solution.

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Optimum design of a compressor silencer requires not just an engineering solution to the acoustic baffle as well as the containing shell.

Failure to provided the correct balance of;

     Fibre diameter, bulk density and composition

     Perforated plate hole diameter spacing and thickness

     Flow passage width and length

     Packing depth and packing protection

Will result in poor acoustic performance and high pressure drops.

Flo-Dyne engineers will custom design the entire acoustic baffle and the containing shell providing an optimum total silencing solution thereby ensuring that the silencer is at its most effective during operation.

This will include examining the higher frequencies associated with blade passing and the lower, longer wavelengths associated with pipe-wall resonances and flexing.

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The installation of discharge silencers is often a cause for concern because of the high sound power levels that are often generated by high powered compressors, have in the past resulted in acoustic fatigue, and subsequent mechanical failure of silencer internals and casings supplied by some manufacturers. However, our experience, our design modelling and verification, our choice of materials and the construction techniques that we use give the very best assurance possible for the integrity and life of the equipment.

Flo-Dyne has designed, tested, and supplied silencers for operation at up to 200 BarG with proven noise reduction exceeding 40 dB(A) overall attenuation, whilst at the same time delivering guaranteed attenuation in each octave band from 63hz through to 8KHz, all with guaranteed pressure drops and a long service life.

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