Steam Ejector Discharge (MP) Silencers

Discharge silencers for the outlet, or MP stream, of steam ejectors

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Steam ejectors (also known as Ejectors, Eductors, Jet Pumps, Velocity Spools or simply SJP's) are devices that use the energy from a high-pressure fluid to boost the pressure of a low-pressure fluid to an intermediate level, and may be used to boost the pressure of liquids, gases or multi-phase flows.

In all cases a stream of fluid from a high pressure source, often called the "HP" or "motive" flow is discharged into a small volume, or vessel, that is connected to a low pressure supply, or reservoir, of fluid. This HP stream is not just fired into the vessel from a side connection, but rather is introduced via a penetrating nozzle and directed, in a very precise and optimised way, at the outlet nozzle within which there is a venturi tube in order to induce flow from the LP piping.

It is the pressure let down of this HP flow, and subsequent mixing of the HP and LP streams, that will generate high noise levels, often in the region of 90 to 100 dB(A), but in the very worst cases up to 115 dB(A).

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Whilst the very worst noise levels will always occur on the discharge side of an SJP, noise will in many cases propagate back into the suction, or LP piping.

In many cases this noise level will be 10 to 12 dB(A) higher than any noise that propagates back into the suction, of LP piping, however in adverse conditions the noise from the LP piping may only be 3 to 6 dB(A) less than that from the discharge, or MP piping.

Flo-Dyne's answer to this problem is a purpose built in-line silencer that becomes part of your piping. The silencer, whilst simple in nature, is the result of 30 years of experience in successfully supplying this type of equipment to hit noise and performance targets.

Our HP silencers impose little or no additional pressure drop onto the LP stream, thereby minimising, or eliminating the impact of introducing the equipment.

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Materials of construction will be chosen to be compatible with the temperature and nature of the process fluid to ensure zero degradation over the life of the equipment.

Whether we are supplying to an application with flows of less than 500 Kg/hr, or delivering silencers to the worlds largest surface jet pump with 24"NB connections, as designed by Dr Najam Beg, and flows of tens of thousands of kilograms per hour, our silencers are proven to deliver the right attenuation and the right pressure drop.

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