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Vent & In-Line silencers

Atmospheric vent silencers to control noise from the venting of air, steam and other high pressure gases

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Pulsation Dampeners

Maintenance Free Liquid Filled pulsation dampeners for positive displacement liquid power pumps

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Surge Tanks, Expansion Tanks and Bladder Tanks

Bladder tanks for the control of surges and pressure spikes in pipelines

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Atmospheric Vent Silencers

Absorptive silencers manufactured in carbon or stainless steel to reduce the noise caused by venting steam or process gases from high pressure to atmospheric pressure. Flo-Dyne's guaranteed solution will protect nearby workers and residences from excessive noise levels.
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Steam Vent Silencers and Gas Vent Silencers

Eliminate the high noise levels associated with the venting of HP and LP steam from boilers, safety relief valves, steam headers and mains with Flo-Dyne's proven absorptive silencer. Suitable for use on all pressurised gas, or vapour services from cryogenic services to incinerator level temperatures
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Safety Relief Valve Vent Silencers

The unexpected opening of an un-silenced safety relief valve can cause shock to nearby workers and annoyance to local communities, with sound pressure levels of 150dB(A) not uncommon.  Our safety relief valve silencers are built to withstand the instant pressure release of the lifting valve, and provide the right pressure drop, to ensure that flow is not restricted.
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In-Line Control Valve Silencers

Pressure reducing valves generate high levels of noise that is radiated by both the upstream and downstream pipework. Whether operating on a gas regulation duty, or a steam flow duty, our in-line silencers which become part of the piping, will reduce these noise levels so that nearby workers do not need hearing protection, without impacting on the valve capacity or sizing.
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In-Line Silencers and Blower Silencers

Centrifugal compressors, Multi-vane and multi-lobe rotary blowers and compressors will produce often produce tonal noise and pressure pulsation that will be radiated by attached pipework and ducting. In the very worst cases the pressure pulsation from lobe type roots blowers will vibrate and destroy the attached pipework. Our reactive silencers will attenuate both the tones and pressure pulsations that these machines generate and protect your piping.
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Bladder Type Surge Tanks

For simplicity and a low cost of ownership, Flo-Dyne's bladder type surge tanks, will provide optimum surge protection on drinking water pipelines, sewage lines, fire water protection systems, oil tanker loading systems for all liquids from water, sewage, to oils and hydrocarbons.
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Compressor Type Surge Tank

Where an alternative solution is needed to protect a pipeline from pressure surges, our compressor controlled surge tank systems can provide optimum transient pressure protection against unplanned events like an unexpected pump shut-down, or valve openings, or closures on a water distribution main, or firewater system.
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Surge tank options

If you are not sure what is the most suitable surge tank arrangement for your application we can provide some advice on the options available for you to consider when selecting your system. Whether your priority is simplicity of operation and low cost of ownership, or the flexibility of a control system that can meet changing pumping demands, our options page will guide you to the right set-up.
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Surge tank control systems

Every surge system is unique and the every surge tank that is installed on a system is unique. A surge tank is a passively controlled device that must be in the correct state when a surge event happens otherwise the system will not operate as the designer envisaged. Our "control systems" page describes some of the options available and when they might be used.
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Surge Analysis of pumping systems and pipelines

Transient analysis and measurement of transient pressures in piping is a technical discipline highly dependent on experience and expertise. Since 1982 Flo-Dyne has been providing these analytical, technical and measurement services to the water and process industries. From initial concept through layout and to detail design our experienced engineers will assist in the sizing, design and implementation.

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Liquid Pulsation Dampeners - Maintenance Free

Reciprocating pumps generate pressure pulsations in the pipelines that connect to them. Flo-Dyne's liquid filled maintenance free pulsation dampeners are a fit and forget, zero maintenance solutions that will work for the entire lifetime of the piping system.
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Suction Dampeners and Suction Stabilisers

Suction lines that feed reciprocating pumps will often suffer from high levels of pressure pulsation and/or acceleration head. With fit and forget options, as well as gas type or vapour dome dampeners, our suction dampeners will give you years trouble free pump operation with a low cost of ownership.
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Pulsation Analysis (API 674) of Reciprocating Pump Piping Systems and Piping Mechanical Response Simulation

Pressure pulsations from a reciprocating pump can often lead to complete mechanical failure of a pipeline due to fatigue arising from the stresses and vibrations caused by the action of the pump. Only rigorous computational analysis using proven techniques and software can provide the necessary level of reassurance that the pressure pulsation, vibration and structural modes will be at safe levels during operation to guarantee the life and integrity of the piping system.
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Gas Pulsation Dampeners and Compressor Pulsation Analysis (API618)

The simple action of a positive displacement gas compressor, whether a single or multi-stage machine, will often cause resonances in the attached pipework which in turn can lead to mechanical failure of the piping, and/or the structure to which it is attached. Our Gas Pulsation Dampener's are tuned to eliminate compressor pulsation and thereby eliminate the driving forces that can break your pipework. Our solutions are proven through analysis to API618 and on-site measurement of the pressure pulsations.
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